Recent Projects

Secret Agent Research

SAR is my copywriting and market research firm. We serve clients ranging from startups to government agencies.

The Ground Floor

I’ve been contributing to Forbes since 2011. The Ground Floor focuses on early career and higher ed issues. The Deputy Editor was interested in adding a “caustic” young voice to their talented roster and I was only too happy to oblige.

Generation Meh

Generation Meh is my baby. Launched in July of 2009, the site focuses on personal and professional development for twenty/thirtysomethings in the process of building their identities and finding their place in the world. GenMeh blends humor, pathos and well-intentioned tough love beatdowns. And recently, a lot more of my creative non-fiction.

Warp & Weft
Warp & Weft was my regular column for True/Slant from September of 2009 until T/S closed its doors after being acquired by Forbes in August of 2010. Warp & Weft offered analysis of and responses to current affairs through a Millennial lens and examined the socioeconomic and cultural implications of reported trends.

The Young and The Feckless

In 2010, I guest-blogged for Bitch Magazine on the media and academic portrayals of Millennials and the economic, cultural and technological ramifications of our assumptions about this and other generations. The Young and The Feckless was a popular and sometimes controversial series that helped to shed light on the fact that class and gender privilege are rarely addressed in discussions of Gen Y issues. The Young and the Feckless was also syndicated by during its run.


I’ve been featured on Jezebel, Salon, The Atlantic, Primer Mag, Thought Catalog, The Globe and Mail, YourTango, Feministe, TIME, The Huffington Post, CBC Radio, BlogHer, The Daily Beast, Wonkette, xoJane and in this one guy’s MA thesis. I’ve also been quoted in the likes of The Sacramento Bee and The New York Post and interviewed on talk radio from Austin to Detroit.